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Storefront Mastery is a creative agency that guides small businesses and the organizations that nurture them to create great customer experiences.

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Here are some happy clients

To me, Jaime is a bit of a "horse whisperer". I had an idea, and when I look at my store today, it is a pure expression of that. Jaime was critical in the process of unlocking and transforming this idea, he listened and guided and what was at first seemed overwhelming worked out great. I'm so honored that he chose to work with me.

Papillon & Company
Metuchen NJ

Jaime’s guidance and supportive style allowed for a deeply transformational experience for our business.
This intense process culminated in a beautiful and powerful "sacred mealtime experience" that invites and guides our customers to actively participate and create a deeply meaningful mealtime experience for their families. Jaime's community experience, understanding and love shines through his work brilliantly.
This was a path of true evolution, transformation and deep creativity. It was truly joyful and powerful emotionally and from a pure value creation model.
Love Jaime and Storefront Mastery!

Mesob Restaurant
Montclair NJ

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